Level Up Your Workplace with KAHL | Used Office Furniture Reno


You’re feeling the need for change. You’re exploring options online to energize your office. You’re thinking standup desks, new meeting tables and some fresh new colors.


At the KAHL Outlet, we have a wide selection of new and lightly used furniture (including duplicate orders, un-used returns and more). Updating your workspace with used office furniture is simple (and even fun). Explore our expertly designed workspace displays and browse our selection of modern options. In our more than 20 years of experience in commercial interiors, we understand that searching for used office furniture in Reno is usually a case of “know it when you see it.” So come see for yourself. Maybe you want to take advantage of natural lighting or maximize limited space. We’ll help you find the best fit and hand-deliver your furniture and accessories in less than a week–we’re also happy to assemble everything for you.


Find the perfect discount furniture to create and energizing, engaging and inspiring workplace.


  • Electric height adjustable desks permit seated or standing work and allow for a healthy variety of postures throughout the day.
  • Collaborate workspaces break down barriers to office productivity and engagement.
  • Ergonomic accessories allow your monitors and keyboards to be at the perfect ergonomic angle for you.


Investing in office furniture that adds zest, boosts creativity and has your team energized–we call that a workplace win. If you’re on the hunt for quality, used office furniture in Reno, get started by visiting the KAHL Furniture Outlet and explore new and lightly used furniture that’s modern, customizable and thoughtfully designed.